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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Happy, happy, hi, hi!

So there’s this guy … Joke! Just feel happy today. My baby’s been going to school the past week—waking up on her own, according to my mom. She even brushes her teeth now in the morning and eats breakfast which is so difficult to get her to do for the longest time. The only deal (or no deal) for her is that she goes to school in a skirt and a Thai silk top in gold… joke! So I think I’ll squeeze in malling for the week (which I’ve been dreading lately--I don’t know why) and check out the cutest and coolest skirts I can find. My little girl’s a “girl na girl”. She participates in class now also, coloring her books and, well, sitting alone in her kiddie chair like the rest of the class does. For more than a week kasi she's so insecure she sits on my mom or Donna’s lap through the entire period. Hay naku, lately talaga I’m tempted to go back to the province and just be a mom—be there every second for my Dylan. This is what what will make me happiest talaga at the moment.


Blogger KathieDee said...

hay..the joys of motherhood. sometimes you wonder if all this "working-mom, asserting-your-independence" thing is really worth not being able to spend ALL of your time with your kid.

3:41 AM  
Blogger blagag! said...

True ka dyan. sometimes I think ito ba ang consequence ng pagiging ina sa third world country? I find comfort na lang in the fact that am far luckier than the millions of Filipino moms who have to work abroad and see their children after two years or more. Saklap nun. How old's ur daughter na. sarap pag girl ano?

2:53 AM  
Blogger KathieDee said...

o nga. yun lang may ma-miss na moment, nakaka depress na, pano pa yung pagkadami daming moments na hindi mo ma-share with your kid kung overseas ka. hay hindi ko kakayanin!! my daughter's 6 and super little bestfriend ko sya. =)

4:40 AM  

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