Kung kami, kami - Vina Morales

Monday, September 04, 2006



Monkey to Dahl: "Mare, ika nga nung kanta...Life is not at all that bad my, friend"

TODAY is a painfully boring day. While there are still a few things I need to do—at least for today—I can’t bring myself to do it. This is what happens when high-voltage laziness hits a naturally lazy person. Nada. I can waste the entire day downloading games on the Internet and uninstall them when I get bored. Na browse ko na rin yung, na-check kung may bagong entry sa blog ang mga ka-berks ko, na view ko na rin yung mga people who’s viewed me sa friendster (9 in the last month, hmmm)—isa lang ang binata dun di ko pa trip ugali. I’d like to believe that whatever I’m feeling right now is a combination of the past two weeks’ marathon writing (all not related to my job here at the office. He he) and the earliest signs of an impending PMS (emo girl na naman for more than a week). Eh, what can I do, I expectedly gets these symptoms month after month after month and, naturally, at some point surrender to it. Tipong, bahala ka na nga kung anong gusto mong gawin sa emotions ko, sige, gaguhin mo, bad trippin mo, make this a painfully boring day, kahit ano, dehins ako lalaban—unang una wala akong lakas na lumaban.

It happens to Maricris and a billion other women out there (except, probably, to Christian Amanpour…”Meanwhile in Gaza, three women were found dead when a bomb exploded….naah, I don’t feel like it, am listening to some Erykah Badu back in my hotel). And it’s a monthly battle talaga. If it catches up with you and you are in a happy mood—ay maganda, nasta-stablize ang moods mo. But more often than not, it hits you when you’re just starting to relish (and celebrate) the past few weeks because it has been stable, relatively upbeat and well, the perfect term would be, normal, you know, just the way everyday should be so you can, ika nga, conquer your little demons: ang taba mo, ang dry ng hair mo, ba’t di mo binigyan yung pulubi ng pera--nanghihinayang ka ba sa limang piso? kuntento ka na ba sa trabaho mo—talaga? talagang talaga?, you don’t have enough shirts, skirts, blouses, accessories sa kamay, sa leeg, sa tenga, you don’t have shoes for every kind of porma, make-up, tali sa buhok, tali sa buhok na blue na brown na yellow (ba’t puro black lang itoh?) hairpin, ba’t di ka makabili ng MP3 nang di ka maburat sa bus, yung rubber shoes ng anak mo isang taon na. waaah!!! Ang dami talaga, pero pakiramdam ko bigay lang ito ng Maynila. Bigay lang ito ng inggit sa mga bagay na kung tutuusin do ko naman kailangan. Yan ang monthly period. And the period before it.

Pag nandito na kaya yung anak ko, may oras pa ba ako para sa mga ganito?