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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Happy, happy, hi, hi!

So there’s this guy … Joke! Just feel happy today. My baby’s been going to school the past week—waking up on her own, according to my mom. She even brushes her teeth now in the morning and eats breakfast which is so difficult to get her to do for the longest time. The only deal (or no deal) for her is that she goes to school in a skirt and a Thai silk top in gold… joke! So I think I’ll squeeze in malling for the week (which I’ve been dreading lately--I don’t know why) and check out the cutest and coolest skirts I can find. My little girl’s a “girl na girl”. She participates in class now also, coloring her books and, well, sitting alone in her kiddie chair like the rest of the class does. For more than a week kasi she's so insecure she sits on my mom or Donna’s lap through the entire period. Hay naku, lately talaga I’m tempted to go back to the province and just be a mom—be there every second for my Dylan. This is what what will make me happiest talaga at the moment.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Northern Exposure

Our five-day Ilocos Norte trip was inspiring. It’s what I see myself doing when Dylan’s big enough to bring around. Discovering new places, meeting people who trusted instantly (and those who did not), stumbling over new discoveries, crossing old discoveries that stirred new feelings, sweating under the afternoon sun then cooling down in an isolated beach, and yes, meeting a national artist--all these I experienced in my trip up north. I underestimated the beauty and tourism potentials of this Northern tip, now back in Manila I think it’s a place I’d love to revisit with my daughter especially Vigan.

My favorite moments:

1. Visiting the Bangui windmills. It was my first time to see the windmills—a powerful presence, really, to the desolate Bangui beach. It’s the closest you can get to Holland here in the Philippines and I must say it is one amazing experience to see the 23-floor high fans lord over a place that’s otherwise lifeless without it.

2. A pictorial of sorts with the Bangui windmills as backdrop. This was something I already fantasized when we were just planning the trip. Kept jesting that it was for my Friendster, but actually it was all self-indulgent—just wanted to know if I looked great under that nice lighting and wonderful backdrop. I think it turned out great—thanks to Ferdz’s photographic expertise and who was patient enough to give in to my silly whims.
3. Swimming at the Blue Lagoon. Well my idea of lagoon was a body of water enclosed by mountains or limestones. This one’s more like a cove (said Ferdz, but I really wouldn’t know what a cove is). There’s nothing about it that will make you go wow except that it looks private with only a handful of people swimming nearby. What made the experience great really was the fact that we we’re starting to feel malagkit from all the travel and talking with the locals and that first dip in the beach instantly took it away –it felt like heaven.
4. Interviewing Potter and National Artist Fidel Antiporda-Go. I never knew we had a national artist tucked somewhere in a corner in Vigan—or under this old, shabby dusty wooden house that serves as Go’s work place. The great thing about Go is that he doesn’t act like a national artist. It’s still not clear to me, from his stories, how he got to land the title but with or without it—the guy’s cool. He supposedly got his title by joining this pottery contest where his entry was the only one as sturdy as steel. Overall, he’s a funny and humble guy who even teased my officemate: “Eto anak ko 24 years old, siya (pointing to my officemate) 23 pa lang,” then he breaks out into this loud guffaw. San ka naman makakita ng National Artist na patawa.

5. Rainbow(s) over Bangui. And there wasn’t just one but three rainbows arching over the Bangui landscape. Puwede ring palang ma-wazzzak ang nature. The view was umm, for lack of a swak na word, breathtaking. From the viewdeck of the Bangui windmills, the rainbow was right smack in the middle, bringing color to the fields below, the mountains to the right and the sea and wind mills to the left. San ka pa? Kung baga sa food groups, binigay na ni Lord ang Go, glow and grow.

6. Pictorial in Vigan. Because we were so busy all day working in Vigan, we only had the chance to scour the heritage site in the evening. The site has its charm talaga anytime of the day. Rain or shine pa yan. With all the lights on along Crisologo road, we took shots na mala MTV. The process was fun—we made a pseudo band on the spot (called ourselves the Mojikaz taken from the name of our company, of course, Mojica Management) and called our album, Exelsis Deo after this guy at Asian Spirit we love to hate. Thinking about it now, ang babaw babaw namin pero ang saya pa rin. It was unexpected to have this much fun at Vigan after visiting the place for the third time. Took note to bring Brigitte and Dylan there soon. They’d love Chavit Singson’s zoo.

Maira-ira falls (pagudpud)

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ikakasal din ba ang pinsan mo?

So merong kaming officemate (let’s call her A) na uuwi ng maaga one Friday afternoon, so I asked her, “Ba't maaga kang uuwi?” Officemate A goes, “Ikakasal kasi pinsan ko at abay ako.” Then sumingit ang isa ko pang officemate (B), who, of course, doesn't know the cousin of A who's getting married but she proceeds anyway, and says with all sincerity, “Wow, magaabay ka? Pakisabi sa pinsan mo congrats ha."

I couldn't help but joke (which is kinda rude, actually), “So, sasabihin niya galing sayo?”

On humorless days talaga, panalo ang ganitong sitwasyon!