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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oprah, you're da (wo)man!


Jerome, do you remember writing the piece below? You sound exactly like Oprah here ... without the money. Anyways, I thought we could all use what you had to say here now that the year's ending. I totally agree with you when you said "it's always best to be your authentic self." That is soooo true but it isn’t easy. But if you apply it in your life --everyday as much as possible, the livin' would be easy, ika nga.

To a truly good, fruitful, fulfilled year ahead for the tres marias! To Jerome and Maricris-- the only two people in this world who reads my blog. Hahaha!

And to your *footnote after the piece, you’re not too young for this stuff, you’re simply trying to be a better person. Wazzzak!

April 18, 2005
Oprah Weekend

It was quite a blessing that I wasn’t able to borrow thelma’s new british vogue, I ended up bringing an officemate's new oprah home instead. Its her 5th anniversary issue and there is a special "what I know for sure" pullout, all of her favorite personal essays in the past five years. It’s quite a lot to take in for a weekend. What I remember most:

1) one page said: "this month, we're changing one thing." change one thing, it’s the only thing you need to do to break the spiral.
2) Live in the moment, because this moment is the only thing you’re sure of.
3) Your beliefs will carry you towards your dreams, your destiny. She talks about how even as a child she knew she was meant for bigger things, so she didnt listen to the people who thought she was gonna stay a small-town girl and grow up fat like all the other winfrey women before her.
4) Your happiness doesn’t depend on other people, happiness is proportional to the love you give, the generosity of your spirit.

Before leaving the office last Saturday, Francine and I even had a moment when we were sort of serious, sort of having fun, asking each other, what we know for sure. She said that at the end of the day, you are your own best companion. What i know for sure is that it's always best to be your authentic self. it's easier, and you might doubt using it in the beginning but you will find in the long run that you are right. It amazes me how into this I have become, not as a pastime but truly something that I have come to believe makes sense. I'd like to say, as careful as i am to be branded as a brainwashed girl again, I must say that it began totally from a personal perspective, personal realizations in the new year, walking about UP last New year's eve day, about becoming more present in the moment, about not becoming invisible, to always be conscious, to keep asking myself is this what I need, what I want, not what other people want. And then I started reading the hours again, writing to a journal, and then I started watching oprah again almost every morning when I wake up.

I was describing the need for exercise to my sister last Friday, and what it is, if you do it correctly, as I was told to do in yoga, is that it connects you to your center, you breathe in and breathe out, without losing grip of your idea of the source of your breath inside you. For thirty minutes in the treadmill, and for a number of hours perhaps after, you are standing better, moving better, into yourself, sure of almost everything that you want. You keep doing it everyday and it will result to a much more connected you. Did i telll you about this glow that they kept saying i had in the beginning of the year? I think it came from there. I was always tan, of course, and exercising. But there was a spirit I thought, inside. It was different. Living in this world, especially in the world that I live in, the many details takes you away from what you really set out doing. The work, the fact that you share this work with someone you’d rather not share it with, the diet, all the little things, the PR. But if you breathe I think, and I find sometimes this is unconscious, you come back to your center. And reading Oprah this weekend has only reaffirmed all these. At least I know I wasn’t brainwashed. All these things that I’ve read, I already know. I just hope I get to really use it in my life.

* I feel like I'm too young for this talk. This is middle-age talk. What do you know for sure?